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What’s in it for me?

Developers – find publishing & distribution partners, work-for-hire and service providers

Publishers & Distributors – find new games, service providers and international partners

Service Providers – find publishers, distributors & developers looking for your services


It is the best system to arrange meetings I have come across in the industry.

Mette Clark - United Kingdom
Mette Clark - United KingdomDirector - Alpha Games

Without question I’ll come away from this conference and over the 6-8 months there will be business deals that come from the meetings I’ve had here.

Mike Gamble - United Kingdom
Mike Gamble - United KingdomEU Territory Manager - Epic Games

The experience was invaluable. Seeing the industry from the inside like that and pitching your game to experienced publishers in person, is something every game developer should try.

Kenneth Holstein Kruse - Denmark
Kenneth Holstein Kruse - DenmarkCEO - Pareidolia Games

If every event had such a useful app it would be much easier to set up meetings!

Antoine Grimond - France
Antoine Grimond - FranceCOO - Gameblr Esports

GCA is for us the best industry event of the year, period.

Damien Urvois - Japan
Damien Urvois - JapanOverseas department head - Compile Heart

If somebody has clear needs for business connections, Game Connection will definitely let him/her create them.

Mikael Bourget - Poland
Mikael Bourget - PolandBusiness Development - AdoptMyGame

It’s very good for finding the right kind of developers. I go to all the other events every year but Game Connection is the best one.

Alfredo Barcena - Spain
Alfredo Barcena - SpainIDC Games

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